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14/01/2018, 18:59
Post: #511
(09/09/2017, 14:41)loadsofposts69 Wrote:  
(31/08/2017, 16:00)loadsofposts69 Wrote:  [Image: mmmmmm-406892.jpg]

Id like to say we,re going to miss him but what has he done? :( Another player to go to get worse form at another club after we,ve made him a millionaire fucking tossers :(

A great debut .love it :D

After playing crap and letting Liverpool beat us 4-0 he comes here and does the same against City.A great transfer Blush

He isn't missed either Rolleyes Sad Cry

[Image: mmmmmm-402597.jpg][Image: mmmmmm-170692.jpg]

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