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'The Strangers 2' trailer is out and it's seriously intense
08/01/2018, 16:38
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'The Strangers 2' trailer is out and it's seriously intense
It's been nearly a decade since the original Strangers movie was released, and even though it was a huge success, a sequel was never released...until now.

[Image: 2av16]

This new trailer for The Strangers: Prey At Night is probably everything that fans of the original could wish for. It's pretty similar to the first film, with three mask-wearing murderers, except this time it's an entire family being terrorised in a secluded trailer. The Strangers focused on a married couple who were having troubles in their relationship, who then found themselves being tortured at the hands of three masked killed. The Strangers 2 sees a family on a road trip who go to stay at a mobile home park with some relatives, only to find it's been mysteriously deserted. Then, the same three masked psychopaths pay them a visit, with violent results. Yikes. Take a peak at the trailer:

Pretty intense, right? I'll definitely be giving this a watch.

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