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Model cancels huge blowjob tour after being attacked by dog
08/01/2018, 13:24,
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Model cancels huge blowjob tour after being attacked by dog
A while back I wrote an article about Italian porn star, Paola Saulino, who promised to suck off all the dudes who voted 'no' in the 2016 Italian referendum. Remember that? Paola was so commited to the cause that she promised to embark on a 'blow job tour' to service all of the men who had the same political view as her.

[Image: 2auxh]

All was going swimmingly with Paola having sucked dry over 400 men when news spread that she was pulling out of the rest of the tour. It came to light that Paola was viciously attacked by a dog and had bite marks over her nose, cheeks and lips. This wasn't some stray mutt either, this was a friends dog who just jumped on her and started mauling her at a party. Yikes.

[Image: 2auxi] [Image: 2auxj] [Image: 2auxk]

Those inuries are pretty bad. I can't blame her for cancelling the tour. I do however wonder who was to blame for the dog attack. Was she teasing the dog or was it just a nasty vicious little shit?! Who knows. Hopefully Paola makes a full recovery and can continue on with her cock gobbling tour.

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