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Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
06/01/2018, 00:27
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Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

After watching several god awful supposed awards contender films of late, had almost given up hope for something, anythng even half decent this awards season and then up popped 'Three Billboards outsde Ebbing, Missouri'. Initially the name alone had me umming and arring about whether to give it the time of day or not but thought given the calibur of the cast (Frances Mcdormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell to name but a few) and the directors previous works (the fantastic 'In Bruges' and the really good '7 psychopaths')..why the heck not..and boy am i glad i did, this film was and is, bloody fantastic. Honestly, given what ive witnessed already, if i were judging id have this film clean up at the awards..IT'S THAT GOOD. The trailer kinda gives you the basics (even if it is a smidge spoiler heavy). That siad the premise of the film centres around three billboards that are hired out by Frances Mcdormand's mother of a murdered daughter, with the purpose of the billboards being not only a massive dig at the towns police dept but also in the hope to get them to pull their fingers out and actually properly try and catch the girl's killeror killers. The film is a dark comedy, despite the subject matter, keeping in tone with the directors prvious offerings with also more than a nod to the coens. The ensemble cast are incredible with Mcdormand at the forefront (if she doesnt win the best actress oscar for this...). This is full of just the most unlikeable bunch of characters but also just the most compelling, with no holds barred swaering, ample violence without drowning the film in it, perfectly constructed and a joy to watch. Cannot recomend this film enough.
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