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30/12/2017, 13:35
Post: #71
RE: Eastenders
Said it before and i'll say it again..has it reallyyy been almost a year since we last discussed 'Eastenders'..thats an absolute travesty haha. Of course with had the cream of this shows and the bbc's crop come christmas day..and how unintentionally hilarious it was. Ok, granted prgnant girls falling off of buildings suspected to be dead is no laughing why was i laughing my head off when it happend..probably because of the way they tumbled/flew/jumped/whatever the hell kinda moves those were whe they came of the roof of the vic (Mick should really put up some railings up there or some anti div spikes haha). The actual falling of was not exactly award worthy was it. Still, it was by far the funniest thing on this christmas day (on account of the travesty that was that luke warm at best Mrs Brown's episoode and the what was essentially one long drawn out intro to Jodie Whittaker that was the Dr Who special with the best and only titter worthy gag involving sunglassses being worn indoors..yawn).
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