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04/01/2018, 01:56
Post: #61
Happened to catch the end of the Christmas episode, had no interest in sitting through it (gave up on it a while ago). And it didn't escape my notice that the minute the Doctor turns female at the end she basically crashes the Tardis. Sure it wasn't supposed to come off that way, low hanging fruit for a joke at the time though lol.

Regularly adding new modelling shots and caps of Jessica Lloyd to the forum, also have a few links to some of her vids if anyone wants to see them just message me and ask and i will message you the links back.
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06/01/2018, 00:47
Post: #62
Not sure how long it's gonna be until we get a full season crop up wit Jodie Whittaker's doctor..not knocking her, proof of the pudding and all that, but given recent series and some dire xmas specials the past cuple of years or so, im in no rush. Was her crashing the tardis the second she emerges meant to be a dig? hope not as kinda even more naff than it actually was if it was meant to be an ill advised dig of sorts. Low hanging fruit gag..must of missed that (hardly suprising as had lost all interest by that point lol).
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