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What would be the best show format for Thai Chat?
31/10/2017, 18:14
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What would be the best show format for Thai Chat?
The model I would favour them moving to is a mixture of new ideas and what they have done in the past.

Have a TV show from 6am to midnight with 2 shifts 9 hours each. On TV, a tease hour from 9pm to 10pm and a full-on night show up to the close at midnight. A small advert in the corner with a still picture and a website address where the separate webshow could be watched.

A separate webshow could run during the same hours with black couch rules. 3 girls would do each shift with 2 on TV and 1 on the webshow. They would rotate throughout the shift so no-one spends more than an hour on the webshow. This stops it from getting stale and keeps the TV show fresh too, with girls coming and going and the partnership dynamics constantly shifting.

This would need 6 girls per day, rather than the current 4 girls, so they would need to recruit some extra girls. Ali is supposed to be joining them soon (promised a month or two ago but we are still waiting) anyway so maybe another 3 or 4 extra needed to allow this to work.

Girls would be paid a rather low basic wage but would get most of their money from a share of the revenue they generate. Girls who put on a good show would be rewarded by earning more generally speaking, although some such as Sami, who has a rich superfan I believe, may do quite well without having to try too hard.

I would be amazed if this didn't double their income and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it far exceeded that target.
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