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RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 14/07/2017

Can honestly see this one going on and on so will put yoou guys out of your misery. The film in question is a french horror film titled 'Raw' (nope, nothing to do with wrestling before anyone asks). Relucttant to give too much away so will keep it to the facts that you can get anywhere. Strict veggie uni student, following her 1st ever taste of meat/flesh develops a taste for it..and ten some. YEp, the film is certainly mental. Didnt hate the film bu despite watching to the very end, cant see myself ever watching again. Granted there is gore but given the subject matter, its a little too sparce for my liking. Some may enjoy it though. Ok, first too post picks up the baton.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 17/07/2017

I actually vaguely recall seeing that film's name on sky, didn't watch it though. Looks weird, but might watch it anyway. As it's been thrown open here is a new one. All i will say is that it's a horror film, and it's okay. My very helpful hint there, see if it's as challenging as i think it will be.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 21/07/2017

As challenging as you's hoped it would be..yep, think youve achieved that, jesslloydfan. All im getting from the pic is that the guys eyes seem to indicate theres something up with him (possessed possibly). As for a title, not a bleedin clue at this stage.

RE: Guess the Film! - Jester62 - 21/07/2017

Hi There Jesslloydfan , Gymaddict And All You Rampant Hentai's ,  :D   Cool 

Well Dare I Say " Nothing Coming From My Grey Mattter Either On This Front." 

Ahh! Well Back To The Hum Drum Of Life ,  :P LOL . 

Regards Jester 

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 07/08/2017

I completely forgot that I posted the last one, meant to post a second hint image before now to be honest. Let's see if this is more helpful, it's horror film and none of the pics so far are the main lead.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 08/08/2017

As this one has been lingering on the thread for a while here's one last pic from the same film, this is the lead character and the film is a supernatural horror.
If this does not get guessed in a day or so I'll replace this with an obvious new one.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 11/08/2017

2nd pic you posted kinda struck a chord, Jesslloyd =fan. However, it wasnt until you put up that pic of Abigail Breslin that it all fell into place. Although it wasnt (in the grand sceme of things) all that long ago that i saw the film, it wasnt tremendously emorable (definite one watch) hence having to refresh my memory of the films name. My awnser is the supernatural horror 'Haunter'.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 13/08/2017

I was sure nobody was going to guess it right at this point, but you did. And it is Haunter, a decent film. Not great but i've seen worse (probably wouldn't jump to watch it again). I've just noticed my last few have all been from obscure horror films, showing what i tend to watch a lot.
You're up next then mate.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 18/08/2017

HeyJesslloydfan..nothing wrong with an abundence of obscure horror films..they are, after all, sometimes some of the best. Thanks for the confirm. I can also recall seeing 'Haunter'. Trouble is, despite it not being all that long ago in the grand scheme of things, cant recall much beyond the fundementals..must have left quite an impression then lol. Ok, heres another. On reflection, Jesslloydfan will probably get this in a heartbeat but best i could come up with at the time (but an absolute classic none the less).

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 22/08/2017

Yeah Haunter is a decent, if very unmemorable film. Doesn't leave much of an impression after you've seen it. You say i'll get that in a heartbeat but even though it is familiar and i'm sure i should know it, can't place it upon first look. Will have a think on this one and see if i can jog my memory.