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RE: Guess the Film! - Jester62 - 08/11/2016

(06/11/2016, 17:39)gymaddict69 Wrote: Come on folks..this ones been going for over a month now. Friday, if you do know which one this is ,which im guessing by your previous post, you do, you may as well enlighten the rest and run with the next. Cant really post any more clues than those i have already posted nigh short of giving the title. If no one gets this by next weekend i will reveal the title.

Hi Gymaddict , Well Fellow Rampant Hentai  Cool  :D 

I Thought That I May As Well Let On The Title Of This Movie , Seeing As There's Been Some Hentai's ( lol :P  ) Holding Back.

It's An Anime Movie " Princess Mononoke."  Not My Kind Of Thing But The " Mrs " Likes Them Sometimes. 

I Extend The " Baton " To Any One That Like To Post Another Movie Pic. 

Gymaddict - Thanks For Continuing This Thread,
It Does Occasionally Show Some Film Pics That Are Baffling Even To This " FOOL." lol  :P  :P  :P 

Keep Up The Good Work. 

P/s , It's Been A Long While Since I Last Time I Was " Text Vocal " On This Site. 

Here's A Great Big " Shout Out "  To My Mate " Clitterbagu." 

May The " Bugs Life " Be Full Of Fine Beautiful Women.

Regards Jester 

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 11/11/2016

Hey Jester62, its good to have ya back. You are indeed correct with ' Princess Mononoke'. In my opinion, one of the masterpieces from the Studio Ghibli catalogue. Darker and more violent than many of the studio's offerings but having this tame really wouldnt have worked. A classic piece of anime. Thanks for passing the baton on..first to post goes next.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 11/11/2016

As it's been passed on to the next person, i'll see if i can make it a bit challenging. This is a horror/Thriller and is fairly recent, there is a more well known cast member in this but he isn't in the picture. I think this shouldn't be too easy but usually when i think that it's one that's guessed quickly so i'm probably wrong lol.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 12/11/2016

Well, you was looking to make this one as challenging as possible..and you have certainly done that, jesslloydfan. Despite staring at the picture intently, i hav'nt got a clue. Hopefully someone else will get it.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 16/11/2016

Extra little clue: arguably the most recognisable cast member in it,  is not in this picture. But plays a very big and important part in the film. I'm gonna leave that as the only clue for now. Keep it as difficult as possible, and a bit of a challenge for anyone wanting to guess.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 22/11/2016

As nobody has got this yet, starting to think it might be too difficult. But i don't want to make it too easy just yet lol. Here is another pic to help with guessing it, another of the main cast and definitely the most recognisable actor (as previously mentioned in another tweet, with the not very helpful hint). If this doesn't help i'll think of a better hint.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 26/11/2016

Thnanks for the additional pic..i instantly recognised the actor in that pic (Sharlito Copley if im not mistaken). I did recall seeing him in a horror, certainly at some point during 2016 but honestly couldt recall the title. Sadly, i had to call on me old mate, mr g oogle again. My guess is that the film in question is 'Open Grave'. In all honesty i cant recall making it all the way to the end of the film.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 27/11/2016

That is Sharlto Copley in the last pic yes, which is why i held back that pic till last. He's much easier to recognise than the other cast members. In the first one it is an actress that anyone who watches Gotham should recognise (don't know her name but she plays Barbara). And yes it i from Open Grave, which i found to be a pretty good film personally... You're up next then.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 27/11/2016

Thanks for the confirm Jesslloydfan. Would never have guessed the blonde woman in the first pic was Barbara from Gotham..and i watch the show, oh well. Ok, heres the next one. Starting very cryptic with the only clue being given at this stage is that this is a recent / new film. Best of luck.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 14/12/2016

Well first of all, that is one weird as fuck picture. And you'd think that might make it more recognisable, no idea what the film is but i'm going to assume that it's from a horror film based on that. That or it's a really screwed up romantic comedy that takes a very weird turn.