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RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 19/09/2016

You really should resist the urge to watch HOHH 2, you won't like it. It completely sucks in every conceivable way. I probably would have guessed it sooner but i never saw the pic.
Anyway here is a new one for people to guess, i'm making this one as difficult as possible. It's technically a horror film-ish, it's a bit shit and seems like it was written when the writers were high. Ironically when it involves some people getting high in some way. 
Anyway, here is the new pic of Christian Slater talking to a stuffed monkey while wearing a bad wig (i'm not kidding).

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 23/09/2016

I was going to post another clue, but having a hard time thinking of anything that would be helpful. Ok, it has two titles which i found out after i watched it when i was looking for this pic for this thread, i assume one is the american title. It has an actor from Blade in it and that's all i can think of for now. I can't even find a pic that makes it any clearer lol.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 23/09/2016

On the face of it, not a bloody clue which film the pic is from so confession time, had to enlist the services of me old mate Mr G Oogle. Fortunatly just typing in 'Christian Slater Monkey' brings up the awnser straight away. Have never seen or heard of the film but regardless, my guess is 'Rites of Passage'.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 25/09/2016

That might be the most bizarre thing you'll ever search in Google lol, but yeah you are correct. When i watched it, another Horror channel selection i stumbled onto one night, only when i watched it the title given was 'The Last Rites'. Would have been correct either way though (FYI it's a bit crap so don't watch it). You're up next then.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 30/09/2016

Last Rites, Rite of passage..odds of checking out based on your less than stellar recommendation..zero lol. Oh, the Horror Channel. No, im not gonna knock it, on occassion it throws up some bloody good films, classic and relativly new. Ok, this next one could go either way. Being the git that i am (maniacal laugh) i have used a suitably cryptic image. I shoulld imagine fans of the film or genre will recognise this no problem..everyone else, best of luck.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 07/10/2016

Come on, not even so much as a guess or confession of not having a bleedin clue which film the image is from. Saying that, i have made this purposely hard. Any takers? If not i will shorly post a slightly less cryptic image (and perhaps a clue or two lol). Shame on you for not knowing which film this is from, in my opinion, its a classic.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 16/10/2016

Well i kinda forgot there was a new picture to guess on this thread, because my memory is just so good. But now i've actually remembered to check i still have no clue. Whatever it is it looks very odd and i'd imagine if i'd seen it i would recognise that particular image. So a clue probably won't help me much on this one.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 21/10/2016

thought that image would cause one or two headaches lol, even though the creatures in question do pop up quite frequently throughout the film. Heres a less cryptic image depicting one of the leads from the film (and coincidently the title character). The film in question is a typical poke at man destroying / harming nature and it ultimatly coming back t bite him in the ass. This is a studio Ghibli title but, unlike most of the films in the same stable, this one gets violent  /bloody at times.

RE: Guess the Film! - Friday - 21/10/2016

Didn't even notice a new one had been posted.

One of the Ghibli ones I actually like, but I'm not going to say what it is.  I can't think of anything to post as the next film. :P

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 06/11/2016

Come on folks..this ones been going for over a month now. Friday, if you do know which one this is ,which im guessing by your previous post, you do, you may as well enlighten the rest and run with the next. Cant really post any more clues than those i have already posted nigh short of giving the title. If no one gets this by next weekend i will reveal the title.