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RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 24/01/2016

Damn, and there i thought i was being at least a little cryptic with the image..oh well lol. You say this wont be hard, Randy Marsh, but on first glances i was like "What bloody films that from then"? Afraid i had to call on the services of Mr G Oogle and thanks to his help im gonna guess this is from Straight Outta Compton. I have not seen the film and given my limited interest in the music genre i most likely wont.

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 24/01/2016

Lol aww c'mon....using Google? You dirty bitch. I posted a modern film because ya'll are posting too many old school films. I thought the new generation can play along.

Over to you mate

p.s I thought Straight Outta Compton was a really good, entertaining movie. It helps if you know a bit about
N.W.A and other artisits, enhancing the 'feels'

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 24/01/2016

I had a feelingg that enjoying the music genre and knowing a little of the background would enhance the viewing experience. Sadly, not my cuppa tea despite the largely positive reviews. Yep, im a dirty bitch..what can i say haha. Typing in red and blue bandana tied together in google and Bam, there was the awnser..no flies on me lol. Im not gonna be on before next weekend now so if any one else wants to take the next go, feel free.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 04/02/2016

Well as this was left open to anyone, thought i'd put one up there. It's a black comedy from 2 years ago (2014), starring Ryan Reynolds (obviously he's in the picture). Actually very good if you like your comedies dark and a bit unusual and a very different role Reynolds compared to a lot of his roles. More hints to follow if no one gets it from this.

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 05/02/2016

The Voices. And i don't know why you gave hints straight away. Not that i needed em ;)

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 06/02/2016

Correct, as you already knew clearly. I only gave vague hints to what it was, wasn't sure how many would know the film so i just added a few hints to help incase it was more obscure than i thought it was. As for that one you posted, not got a clue. Looks a bit odd though, i'm guessing that's a weird form of dancing. 

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 17/02/2016

Well don't you all go rushing to guess the movie!

Here is an obvious one. And who ever gets it, please post a new one.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 18/02/2016

Well i didn't know the first one so i personally couldn't have guessed, was completely unknown to me. However i'm 99% sure the new one is Interstellar, and if i'm correct here is the new one (if i'm not correct it's a pointlessly added picture that everyone should ignore). Recent film and that is two of the main cast members. It's an easy one.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 19/02/2016

That pic of old Mr Mcconaughey is definatly from Interstellar. Have gotta agree wiith your statement about your new one being an easy one, Jesslloydfan..only because i only watched it a couple of weeks ago. My guess stands as Crimson Peak.

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 20/02/2016

Yup it was Interstellar. And that is definitely Crimson Peak. I watched it at the cinemas on release date. Jessica Chastain, gave me boners throughout the film. Goddamn, her pale, white, porcelain skin.