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RE: Guess the Film! - Jester62 - 02/05/2015

(01/05/2015, 22:50)gymaddict69 Wrote: I would like to thank my mate mr g oogle with his assistance in getting this one correct lol. Im with you on Andrea Riseborough, very nice. Thanks for the confirm Randy Marsh. Ok folks, heres another one.

Hi Gymaddict And All The Guys, 
You Have Been Busy Of Late,  Some Fine Movies Too Although Not In My Taste Range But Your Last One I Think I Know .
The Movie Is American History X With Edward Norton Lead Actor. Who Gives A Fine Performance In This One.
He Always Rises To The Challenge Of Complex Character Roles And Presents Them With Ease .
He Is A Hard Act To Follow, A Seriously Fine ACTOR.
Thanks For This Challenge, I Pass On My Baton To Anyone Who Wishes To Post A Movie.
Regards Jester 

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 03/05/2015

Congrats Jester62, you are spot on with Americn History X. Had a feeling it wouldnt take long for someone to get this one. A fantastic film in terms of the drama, acting and just raw power. A stellar performance from Edward Norton and one of my all time favourites. Powerfull stuff. Thank you for passing the baton. As im not sure if im gonna be back on before next weekend i too am gonna pass the baton. Whoever posts a pic first can go next.

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 05/05/2015

Before anyone starts crying, this film was released in 2011. By a well known director.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 08/05/2015

No idea what that is, picture doesn't give much away. Total shot in the dark based on what the setting looks like (looks like a river of some kind), Monsters?
It has a moment on a river, and it might have possibly been released in 2011, and the director is quite well known now. I'm probably very wrong lol.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 08/05/2015

Thanks for the new picture Randy Marsh. Have gotta admit though, has got me baffled. The picture is obviously very dark which doesnt help (unless that was intentional lol). No idea what the film is..no doubt a remark that will come back to slap me in the face when someone gets it. As it stands, im getting a war time film vibe but other than that..not a clue.

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 09/05/2015

You are waaay off with Monsters. The cinematography doesn't come close to the movie i posted.

Clues: Written by Steven Zaillian. Features Karen O's vocals at some point.

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 12/05/2015

I'm not at all surprised I'm wrong, complete and utter guess based on an assumption of where the shot was taking place. I'd have been very surprised if I was even close to right. I'm gonna rule myself out till the next one, since the clues did not help at all either.

RE: Guess the Film! - Randy Marsh - 13/05/2015

Okay here is another one! If anyone gets either of these films right, you can have it.  This film is from the year 2012.

Good luck................

RE: Guess the Film! - moto1045 - 15/05/2015

I haven't seen the movie (only trailers) but my guess goes to Life of Pi but there is nothing about a tiger on that piece of paper so I might be terribly wrong.

RE: Guess the Film! - gymaddict69 - 15/05/2015

Not my place to confirm moto1045, but, although i have never seen the film from start to finish, after enlisting the help of my good mate Mr G Oogle and referencing some of the elements on the page, given the year, looks like you are spot on with Life Of Pi.