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RE: Guess the Film! - RussyRover - 16/11/2012

I can't say I recognised it from that first photo, but that last one is so distinctive, you gotta remember something like that..., nice one mate.
Ok, try this then, again if you've seen it, you should remember it (I hope)...

[Image: ajyr2_guessfilm1511_1_thumb.jpg]

RE: Guess the Film! - Clitterbug - 16/11/2012

[Image: 13977717_1.png] [Image: 13977720_2.png] [Image: 13977721_3.png] [Image: 13977722_4.jpg] [Image: 13977725_imagesCAR2TQAK.jpg] There you go av a look at trailer if you DARE!!!! ooooh Russy no i dont know that one m8

RE: Guess the Film! - RussyRover - 16/11/2012

it's quite an old film and the woman in the photo is called Maria in the film... if that helps... will put another clue later on if no one gets it..
OK, so here's another pic, I think you may get it from this one...

[Image: 6ad2_guessfilm1511_2_thumb.jpg]

RE: Guess the Film! - RussyRover - 18/11/2012

ok, then. this film shares it's name with a famous city from the comic / super hero world... that must give you it...

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 18/11/2012

The last pic gave it away, i`m fairly certain it`s from Metropolis, a film which Queen also used clips from in one of their videos.

RE: Guess the Film! - RussyRover - 18/11/2012

well done jesslloydfan, it is indeed Metroplis, the Fritz Lang 1927 classic; yes the last pic is distinctive where Rotwang transforms the girl Maria into the robot and then becomes the slut Maria.. It's a silent film but anyone who has not seen it, it is worth a watch.
and yes Queen used clips in their vid Radio Gaga as Freddie Mercury did a song on the Giorgio Moroder colorised do-over.
Anyway over to you JLF...

RE: Guess the Film! - jesslloydfan - 20/11/2012

Allright then, took a while for me to find a new one because i had no idea what to post, so settled on something that i`d watched recently that possibly may not be too obvious, anyway here is the new one, no clues yet just the image for now, if it is required i will give a clue in a day or so.

RE: Guess the Film! - RussyRover - 22/11/2012

I'm struggling to come up with a guess for that one, I'm almost certain I haven't seen that film!

RE: Guess the Film! - UubbaGuubba - 22/11/2012

No idea - I think I'm quite bad at this game (good job my life or bollocks don't depend on it!)

RE: Guess the Film! - Timm24 - 22/11/2012

that girl looks a bit familiar, she looks like the one that was in that film with nicholas cage, but i don't remember the name of the movie and it's probably not the one anyway lol