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chat - nandua - 13/11/2017

why is my chat disabled

RE: chat - burns72 - 14/11/2017

nandua probably because you have insulted someone and you have been banned by them or by one of the admin, but seem to remember you were a bit of a tool on the chat especially egging on CJ to be a complete tosser! So maybe that is why your chat has been disabled!!

RE: chat - nandua - 14/11/2017

yesterday when it went off i had not posted any thing

RE: chat - JamezZ - 14/11/2017

It could be that one of the performers reported you for saying something if burns is right about your chat a few days before. Admins might have got round to checking the report and issuing a ban. I am pretty sure these are temporary though

RE: chat - GrandDuke - 15/11/2017

Yes I noticed that nandua was back in the chat again today so the ban appears to have been short-lived. Maybe it was a mistake after all with it being for such a short time.

RE: chat - burns72 - 15/11/2017

Let's hope he has learnt his lesson? Sadly there are guys still around or appeared of late that need to stop trying to bully guys on the various chatboxes and then will jump on LSL and arse kiss the girl on there as they know they have the power to mute the chat! It is like they feel they have dispensation to be a douchebag as the American's would say it and nothing happens!

RE: chat - JamezZ - 15/11/2017

I have never understood the two extremes you can see on the chatbox. You get the majority that seem to be happy to chat with eachother and the girls in a normal way about all sorts of topics.

Then you get the guys who can't stop copy-pasting the same comments about how amazing the girl on screen is to every single girl that comes on. Or the guys that shit talk every single girl that comes on.

What do either of those extremes get them? I don't get it

RE: chat - GrandDuke - 15/11/2017

Some guys seem to really bad mouth girls on the chat which does get me annoyed. What if these guys were spoken to like that at work when they were just doing their job, often very well too. They seem to have a real insecurity about themselves which means they can only find pleasure by trying to make others feel bad. Although they are sad people, they have no right to bring others down. I always feel like I want to jump in the ring and defend the girls but that only seems to make it get worse.

I know for some guys it is playing out a sexual fantasy which is fine if the girl wants to play along. However, that should be done privately in perv or on a call if she is happy to indulge him. They should also pay money to the girl for giving him his sexual kicks so she gets something out of it too, rather than freeloading when they are trying to interact on the chat.

We all know some guys who this fits but they never seem to get banned which I find strange and rather inconsistent.

RE: chat - JamezZ - 04/12/2017

I think GrandDuke that you are always going to get that group of people who find it very hard to interact with women in real life and build up a malice towards them. 

Then seeing women on here probably brings out that hidden malice leading to hurling insults and trying to take control because they could never speak to a woman face to face.

Might be overthinking it though