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Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - ScottyRampant - 24/10/2017

The official line is that she's dressed as a naked cyborg, but who are we to assume she's had a suit made?  To the untrained eye it could just as easily be a Tekken-style smoothing out of her actual nipples and ting.

It's not unlike how you'd expect a naked Taylor Swift to look, basically.  And with her iCloud presumably locked down with some sort of secret post-J-Law four-factor authentication; you'd just as well suspend your disbelief, accept that this is as good as it's ever gonna get and enjoy...

...Ready For It? Official Music Video out Thursday night. #ReadyForItMusicVideo

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - FantasticMR - 24/10/2017

Holly Valance knew how to do this shit right...

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - JamezZ - 25/10/2017

I had completely forgotten about Holly Valance, there is an odd piece of nostalgia listening to that song. Seems like it wasn't that long ago but looking it up it was 15 years :o

The Taylor Swift thing seems to be causing a stir because she said something about 'never needing to take my clothes off to sell albums'. I guess people think this is stretching it a bit.

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - FantasticMR - 26/10/2017

She doesn't need to do it to shift albums but she certainly makes a lot of money out of her youtube views so a bit of faux nudity will be very rewarding on that front. The last Taylor video took me a week or so to care enough to watch (I know that was just me, it's smashed figures on release), this one however got my click straight away with the threat of mild Taylor tit even with Scotty's warning and my knowledge that she's never going to do a Rihanna.

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - GrandDuke - 02/11/2017

Yes with her new album out very soon, a media frenzy over this video is exactly what she wants. Certainly the closest we will ever get to seeing her naked that is for sure.

Is it just me or has she put on some weight and muscle in the 2 years she has been away? She always used to look too skinny for my taste but looks just right now in  my opinion. Her boobs and thighs certainly look more substantial that they used too.

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - GrandDuke - 02/11/2017

Being the only woman in history to have had 3 albums sell over a million copies in the U.S in their first week, beating Whitney Houston who did it twice, she is desperate to make this the 4th album in a row to do likewise. That would take her ahead of The Jacksons and The Rolling Stones who she is level with currently on 3 times and with probably only The Beatles left ahead of her. However, their sales were from a different era when reliable sales figures were not around and the sales stated are from their record company not independently adjudicated. 

Clearly she is pulling out all the stops to make that happen with the timing of this video no coincidence. However, with album sales falling across the industry it is a tough job to do it again for the fourth time hence the desperate measures in her newest video. She should get the fastest album of the year award though nevertheless, as she only has a little over 600,000 copies to beat from Kendrick Lamar's Damn, currently the fastest selling album this year.

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - JamezZ - 03/11/2017

Of course the 'naked' approach is designed to garner media attention about the new album. But what do you think the impact of a good music video actually has on songs these days?

At some point MTV and music videos were a big thing, then I feel like the died out with mp3 players and music being a background to everything else. I wonder with youtube now being the place most people listen/view their music if music videos have become more important again the last few years?

Personally I almost never watch one, even on youtube I will just minimise the tab and carry on with something else

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - FantasticMR - 03/11/2017

I love a good music video although I should never go to places to drink that have music videos playing. I get complete sucked in by them and don't pay attention to anything else. I always wanted to direct music videos when I was younger but alas ended up directing boobies so no real regrets there.  I did an animated music video with a mate once too and that was plenty of fun.

I feel a top 5 coming on.

My First Abductee by Kittent Ombola. I had to didn't I. I mean if you've made a music video (regardless of how crude it might be) you've still got to feature it in your top 5.

Sorry by Justin Beiber.

I'll admit it, I liked this song, in fact he had a few bangers around that point, clearly buying up the best pop production teams he could find to work with. BUT he's not in this so I don't have to look at his face, just the hypnotic moves from Kiwi dance troupe PURPOSE: The Movement.

Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy

Loads of people loved this video at the time because it flipped your expectations on their arse when in the end it's revealed that the actions you've been watching which are inherently "laddish" and violent turn out to be done by a woman. I like it because I was in my early teens when it came out and there were tits in it. Also back in the days of Babecast when we used to get a girl doing a pole dance, this was the track of choice and it would get the studio lit.

How's it Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind are my favourite band and with my years passing by and the new music scene being good but not completely for me it's not likely that I will ever find someone to replace them. This video embodies the coolness of lead singer Stephen Jenkins as he plays into the camera and it features the original line up. Love the new Third Eye Blind but the Kevin Cadagon days will always be dear to me.

Everlong by The Foo Fighters

I might be corrected but this is was the 2nd single released off of the Foo's 2nd album 'The Colour and the Shape'. Although I was into Nirvana I had no idea that Dave Grohl was now fronting the band or in even who they were. All I had was a sound bite from the advert of 10 seconds that made me fall in love with the song. 

I wasn't able to earn my own money back then but there was a school trip to Paris and I knew that if I did not spend while out there then I could buy the album on my way back and that's exactly what I did. I later recorded the video off of a mates TV when I saw it coming on. The video itself is just a bit weird but full of awesome visuals and at the time I didn't know I was watching the work of Michel Gondry who many years later went on to direct my favourite movie, 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. It also parodies and harks back to 'The Evil Dead' movies which makes it a lot of fun. This song and video captured the era for me, one of new beginnings, new music that I had been searching for but didn't know it's sound and in turn new music videos which were the art that I enjoyed.

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - GrandDuke - 03/11/2017

I must be the exact opposite of you JamiezZ then. I love music videos and watch them pretty well every day. I hardly ever listen to the radio except when in the car, when videos would be rather impractical if not dangerous.

Now that top videos are starting to get more than 1 billion views, I think you can see how relevant they are to today's public in general. A good video can make a good song into a best seller. Less and less people are watching videos on TV channels such as MTV and more and more are using YouTube or Vevo, especially as apps for these are now present on most modern TVs and even on the new Sky box.

Personally, I watch nearly all my YouTube videos on my big TV with a good sound system, which certainly beats watching it on my phone or laptop.

RE: Taylor Swift sort of gets naked in new music video - JamezZ - 09/11/2017

I definitely think some music videos are very well done and can also be quite a window into the current culture at the time they were made.

But I would think that actually sitting to watch them is probably a minority group. I could be wrong, but I would have imagined that since the mp3 players and people having music on 24/7 on their phones etc. Music as a sole entertainment is becoming rarer and rarer. Always seems to be a supplement to something else.