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Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - gymaddict69 - 25/09/2016

In a week that has seen the MacGyver remake pilot become available as well as the tv spin off of 'The Exorcist'..here comes another spin off / tv adaptation etc..by way of Lethal Weapon - The Tv Series. Yep, no joke, its a real thing. The show keeps the primary charactes from the films, this time with Damon Wayans playing Murtagugh and Clayne Crawford playing Riggs. With McG on directing duties, certainly for the first episode atleast, sacralidge, blasphemy, trainwreck i hear you cry. Have gotta say though, i watched the 1st episode last night and you know what..its not actually half bad. With Shane Blabk on writing duties (he was on writing duties for the first film),  an opening episode that borrows very heavilly from the first film (but it works). While Wayans has got some work to do as far as Murtaugh goes, Clayne Crawford is very good as Murtaugh. Perhaps a tiny bit more grounded than Mel's take from the movies but he still does an excellent job. Good chemistry, plenty of action..that first 45 minutes just flew by. Definatly wortha look (just hope things dont go south after the opener).

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - dony - 27/09/2016

a lethal weapon tv series now this is something i didnt expect at all, but i did like the lethal weapon 3 movies they brought out, i will be watching this one for sure looks like it might be funny to

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - gymaddict69 - 01/10/2016

I know right, i was like "WTF..where did this come from?" In my opinion, Dony, this is definatly worth a look. Dont get me wrong, its never gonna win an award and as shows go id say its firmly in the "happy to watch and enjoy but would never dream of buying it on dvd etc". Suppose its like the dc / marvel shows doing the rounds, harmless enjoyable escapism for 40 odd minutes each week but once the seasons done its simply onto the next with not much other thought put into it.

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - dony - 04/10/2016

yeah i agree i can tell my dad that this is coming out and he will be into watching it, and i always liked damon wayans as a actor he super funny and he been in alot of classics

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - gymaddict69 - 08/10/2016

Sorry, rewind Dony, did you utter the words 'Damon, Wayans and Classics' in the same sentance..err..will have to agree to disagree (white Chicks..did it get cold in here all of a sudden lol). Still, each to their own my freind. 2 episodes into this now and its a case of so far so good. Its never gonna win a single award for, well, anything..but thats not to say its not entertaining, has plenty of action, likeable leads and ultimatly a fun way to spend 40 odd minutes in front of the tv each week.

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - gymaddict69 - 15/10/2016

3 episodes down withh the 4th sitting on the laptop, waiting to be watched and the momentum this show is displaying is showing no signs of letting up. Perhaps a little on the predictable side this week but the performances, relationship between the leads and the action are still on point.

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - dony - 15/10/2016

sorry gymaddict but i did lol, maybe u and me have different ideas of a classic but he been in couple really good movies i like, one being bulletproof and i seen it like 100 times, have u seen it that is one of my favorite movies

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - gymaddict69 - 22/10/2016

Bulletproof..what, the action comedy with Adam Sandler? If thats the one, honestly, i cant agree or disagree with you Dony as othere than them both being in it i cant recall a single thing about the film which given the amount of Sandler films i have seen, enjoyed and ca remember, for there to be one i cant recall a second of doesnt bode well. Watched the most recent installment of this earlier in the week and pleased to say that the momentum shows no sign of waining. A thouroughly entertaining, ott installment..really enjoyed it.

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - SirWanksAlot86 - 24/10/2016

i think im 2 episodes in, and i was sold on the first episode, out of all the new shows this year this probably may be my favourite, has the action, has the comedy and the two lead characters have a solid backstory.

RE: Lethal Weapon - The TV Series - gymaddict69 - 28/10/2016

Have checked online as theres no proper news as to where this weeks episode is (just some vague specualtion that owing to the presidential buisness in the states and something to do with the world series, some shows have had to be delayed..boo).Thank the stars, SirWanksALot86..was starting to think that it was just me then who appreciated the show. Glad you are enjoying it as well. So easily could have been a massive balls up but its clear tha a lot of love and thought have gone into this..and it shows.