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Emily Ratajkowski - ScottyRampant - 18/08/2014

Or if you're having trouble pronouncing, her from the Blurred Lines video.

[Image: 13zz5]

[Image: 13zz4]

[Image: 13zzh]

[Image: 13zz3]

[Image: 13zz7]

[Image: 13zz8]

[Image: 13zz9]

[Image: 13zza]

[Image: 13zzb]

[Image: 13zzc]

[Image: 13zzd]

[Image: 13zzg]

[Image: 13zze]

[Image: 13zz6]

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - Potato - 18/08/2014

She's way over-rated.

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - ScottyRampant - 18/08/2014

(18/08/2014, 19:43)Potato Wrote:  She's way over-rated.


RE: Emily Ratajkowski - Kinky4kinkychloe - 18/08/2014

Terribly thin in the last 2 pics.
Be afraid of breaking her if on top...

Still, when is she coming to rampant tv?

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - ScottyRampant - 14/04/2015

Before she was famous...

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_1.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_2.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_3.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_4.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_5.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_6.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_7.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_8.jpg]

[Image: emily-ratajkowski-pre-fame_9.jpg]

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - nathanjames25 - 14/04/2015

shes fine as hell. you know youve made it when theres 3 naked woman on a music video and you only stare really at one. Not an actor though, saw her in gone girl and shes pretty average but yeah modelling wise , she reminds me of a brunette kendall jenner lol, but her tits are class , fair play emily

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - phoenixgamer8890 - 16/04/2015

She is a stunner. When I first saw that music video (sadly it was the 'clean one') she just stole the show. Great eyes and lips and ... yes amazing tits. Nothing fake on this girl

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - ace3000 - 23/04/2015

This girl probably has the greatest body i've ever seen. When i first saw her in the blurred lines video (clean) I could just tell that her body was flawless, then when i saw the uncut version which is probably the sexiest music video that i've seen, mainly because of her it just confirmed it. She has boobs that just defy gravity!!!

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - okokitsad - 28/04/2015

good lord almighty what a fine fine lady she is. i don't know that i can muster words to describe just how smoking hot she is...just simply incredible. thanks for sharing

RE: Emily Ratajkowski - blue55 - 12/05/2015

She's a stunner alright, looked so hot and sexy in the Blurred Lines video. As Nathan said there was 3 girls in that video yet Emily is the only one I remember seeing lol. Great body combined with that innocent look... oh yes and those amazing tits!