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love her and her sis Wink
(06-27-2011 03:16 PM)GazzaF Wrote: [ -> ][Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_04.52_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_05.59_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_09.44_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_11.46_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_14.40_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_18.21_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_29.25_102.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_28.55.jpg]

[Image: preeti_nakedbs_15_04_11.mp4_snapshot_19.44_102.jpg]
my god watched em both 4long time..1st time i,ve seen her pussy yum yum,,they r both insanely beautiful,,out the 2 i would go 4 preeti,JUST
MMM! 2 for 1 on the twins!
(03-15-2011 06:45 PM)FantasticMR Wrote: [ -> ]One half of the desi duo

[Image: preeti_redstockings018_103_thumb.jpg]

[Image: preeti_redstockings045_102_thumb.jpg]

[Image: preeti_redstockings065_102_thumb.jpg]

nd here is the other best thing 2 come out of india
New pics of Preeti Young from her latest update at http://www.preetiandpriya.com

[Image: 46e62c154433014.jpg] [Image: e266e8154433022.jpg] [Image: f1821c154433030.jpg] [Image: a51fcb154433038.jpg] [Image: d935eb154433047.jpg] [Image: 4524f2154433052.jpg] [Image: 2de1da154433060.jpg] [Image: 25d798154433066.jpg] [Image: 9cfc2f154433072.jpg] [Image: 554204154433088.jpg] [Image: f3dd70154433101.jpg] [Image: 6b58d0154433106.jpg]
Those first few pics make her look so cute and innocent, bet she is far from it...
She looks Gorgeous!
R u sure about her name though? lol
[Image: image-F681_4EA1CAE0.jpg]

[Image: image-C450_4EA1CAE0.jpg]

[Image: image-1213_4EA1CAE0.jpg]

[Image: image-4458_4EA1CAE0.jpg]

[Image: image-596A_4E87ADEF.jpg]

[Image: image-3D8D_4E87ADEF.jpg]

[Image: image-C6A7_4E87ADEF.jpg]
just damn fine posting GAZZA,my fave out of the 2,only just though,i remember their 1st nights on babestation,so naive,but now they seem to be on every 1s tongues lol,if only,thank u 2 them and a big thank u to u GAZZA...
Mmmm great pics, dont usually like asian girls, but Preeti is gorgeous and what a sweet Looking pussy Smile
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