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I though it would open a thread for one of the UK's most successful porn stars in the USA. And I would like to see more pictures of here lol

[Image: agemma_massey_stilettos1.jpg]

[Image: agemma_massey_stilettos8.jpg]
Not her biggest fan - i think she might have had too much work done imho. I would stick fuck here tho Smile

[Image: gemma_massey_purple_lingerie8.jpg]

[Image: gemmamassey-pool4.jpg]
she is just soooooooo fucking hot, her tits are fucking incredible and her body is sooo nice, her pussy just looks soo sweet and i would lick it for hours, and i would fuck her sooo hard
her lips tho they are sooo wrong gem u have spoilt ur looks in my opinion love Sad
[Image: 12846424_gemma_massey_01.jpg] [Image: 12846425_gemma_massey_02.jpg] [Image: 12846427_gemma_massey_03.jpg] [Image: 12846428_gemma_massey_04.jpg] [Image: 12846429_gemma_massey_05.jpg] [Image: 12846430_gemma_massey_06.jpg] [Image: 12846431_gemma_massey_07.jpg] [Image: 12846432_gemma_massey_08.jpg]
[Image: 12846434_gemma_massey_09.jpg] [Image: 12846435_gemma_massey_10.jpg] [Image: 12846436_gemma_massey_11.jpg] [Image: 12846437_gemma_massey_12.jpg]
Let's add some more to the above thread

[Image: hx2008_027_thumb.jpg] [Image: hx2008_028_thumb.jpg] [Image: hx2008_029_thumb.jpg] [Image: hx2008_030_thumb.jpg] [Image: hx2008_031_thumb.jpg] [Image: hx2008_032_thumb.jpg]
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I love this sexy babe, her feet are gorgeous too
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(04-09-2012 12:12 PM)reilly71 Wrote: [ -> ]her lips tho they are sooo wrong gem u have spoilt ur looks in my opinion love Sad

I could not agree more she was perfect and then all of sudden she went blonde and the trout pout apeared a beautiful british lass americanised
Gemma Massey [Image: GemmaMassey_2-250x375.jpg] [Image: GemmaMassey_3-250x375.jpg] [Image: GemmaMassey_4-250x375.jpg] [Image: GemmaMassey_5-250x375.jpg] [Image: GemmaMassey_6-250x375.jpg]
[Image: 15345371_7.jpg] [Image: 15345373_9.jpg] [Image: 15345383_10.jpg] [Image: 15345384_11.jpg] [Image: 15345385_12.jpg] [Image: 15345386_13.jpg] [Image: 15345387_14.jpg] [Image: 15345388_15.jpg]
Gemma Massey in hardcore action :

[Image: 15347842_gemma-massey-hardcore-04.jpg] [Image: 15347843_gemma-massey-hardcore-05.jpg] [Image: 15347844_gemma-massey-hardcore-06.jpg] [Image: 15347846_gemma-massey-hardcore-09.jpg] [Image: 15347847_gemma-massey-hardcore-10.jpg] [Image: 15347848_gemma-massey-hardcore-07.jpg] [Image: 15347849_gemma-massey-hardcore-08.jpg] [Image: 15347851_gemma-massey-hardcore-12.jpg]
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